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Agriculture is the oldest and most valuable profession in the world. From the activity of farming, nomads started a sustainable lifestyle and started growing food for their living. Sometimes, this thought comes to your mind when you see the farmers doing labor on their land to harvest crops and they do this farming even in adverse conditions like extreme weather, natural disaster, soil conditions, water usage, and so on. In all these situations, AI will help you in harvesting your crop’s efficiency, hybrid seeds choice, and resource utilization. For Sterilizer Air Purifier , it took so much effort to produce more crops and increase productivity but with the help of AI bots, harvesting systems become less effortless. To expand crops on lands and watering them or taking care of cropping is easy from AI Bots. AI provides you a Hydroponic Farming where you can grow your plants if you have small space for gardening. AI sharing new scope and knowledge about farming with the world. AI produces different types of help in farming. To understand Modern farming you need to know a bit about it before applying it in your fields.


How AI Bots Help You in harvesting?


AI Bots are the duplicates of humans who help you harvest crops faster than human labor and controlled Environment Agriculture. It analyzes the field and helps from computer vision to detect weeds and spray on them. The automatic PH mixing solution will help you balance the PH level in crops to lead it to grow properly. Also, they help farmers to protect their crops from an overload of water, weeds, and so on. This is robotic farming which helps farmers in complete harvesting.

AI Tackles the labor challenge and helps to analyze productivity daily. We also know improving and maintaining accuracy and quality as precision agriculture. While precision agriculture uses AI, detects diseases in crops or plants, and gives crop accurate herbicides according to the quantity. We also know germicidal chambers are used for this as UV boxes.

To analyze land, farmers monitor it from the sky with the help of drones. Those help to see the crop and take pictures t6o show farmers real-time harvesting to improve it. Whenever you observe drones (computer vision with deep learning algorithm process data captured) near the fields, now you can understand that farmers are taking the help of AI for their harvesting. Tissue Culture Rack is also part of science, where you can place tissue culture plants and place them in their labs.


Leafy Greens Machine helps farmers to grow any food in any climate. It is a Freight Farms tool that takes less time and no labor to harvest crops or any food. If any crop takes 20 hours of labor per week to grow satisfactory but with the help of this, you can grow it on small land and less time easily. If you have small space an not able to grow plants or crops, then portable cultivation will help you in this.

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