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This type of support coordination requires a lot of skills when compared to simple support coordination. Specialist coordinators help you to manage the support systems and ensure consistency in the delivery of products for your kids. The specialist support coordinator also helps to prepare a framework regarding the NDIS plan. Support coordinators are people who have greater educational qualifications like a therapist, psychologist, and social workers. They cater to the specific requirements of your kids. They are very experienced and are hired in cases of complex needs.

Benefits of NDIS Specialist Support Coordination


  • Specialist support coordination is done by professional coordinators who help you to enhance your skills so that the scheme can be managed properly. They also develop connections between the providers and the receivers. You can also connect with govt services and other communities with the help of support coordination.

  • With the help of specialist support coordination and Child Support Connection, you can optimize your funding benefits.

  • You can also go for future planning with the help of support coordination.

  • With the coordination system, you can deal with your providers about the rate at which they are providing services to your kids.

Where To Find An NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator 

You can go to the official site of the NDIS and search for the specialist support coordinators. Just click on the provide finder tab in my place section to locate the coordinators. This tool helps you to find them easily. The NDIS also provides a list that contains the names of registered providers from the state. Childhood early intervention partner and local area coordinator – These two categories can assist you in locating the best coordinators in your area.

Recent Steps Taken By The Govt. For Support Coordination 

The supply of support products in the emergency categories has been increased. Now you can get special assistance from specialist support coordinators. Due to this pandemic situation, these steps are taken by the govt. –

Assistive Technology: The emergency support items are available to the receivers who have been discharged from the hospitals. These support items are available at a very affordable cost.

Cleaning – Deep cleaning is provided to the receivers where a COVID-19 infected support worker has visited recently.

SIL benefits:  support items are available for the people staying in the supported independent living area. These services are extra supports and additional services.

Price for Hiring an NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator 

You don’t have to pay any additional fees for a support coordinator. The NDIS plan includes all the costs. Due to the COVID-19 situation, there have been some temporary changes to the price guidelines. Price limits are provided by the govt so that the investment of the receiver is valued. Prices are updated according to the market trends which is determined through the review of Annual price. The work of price determination is mostly done by price reference groups.

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