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Pipe fittings are the substances used to join multiple pipes of the same or different sizes to maintain a continuous or a regular flow. This also helps a plumber to check for any leakage. This also helps in measuring the amount of flow through the pipes. The fitting pipes are made up of various materials like copper, iron, PVC, etc. There are various types of pipe fittings like elbow, Tee type, cross-type, unions, plug, cap, valve, etc. These are fit at various angles, in concentric and eccentric manners. These are of immense use in the plumbing mechanism. We have the following types of pipe fittings SS 304 Pipe fittings and SS 316 Pipe fittings.


Fitting is used in the pipe systems to join the different sections of the pipe, even if they differ in size and shape. These maintain a constant or a regular flow. These can also employ changes in the flow of liquid, gas in domestic or industrial sectors. These can also be used to check any leakage or irregularities in the flow. The fittings are made up of various materials. We have the following types of fittings ASTM A234 WPB Fittings and A420 WPL6 Fittings.

What are Forged fittings?

Forged fittings are special types of fittings that are made up of forged metal. The forging process includes shaping of the metal through pressing, hammering, and rolling. The forged fittings are made up of various materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, Nickel alloy, etc. We have the following types of forged fittings: stainless steel forged fittings and carbon steel forged fittings.

Different usages of Flanges


Flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other things to make a consistent uniform piping system. It also aids in easy cleaning and maintenance of the pipe systems. These are connected using welding and screws. These are all used in the piping industry, petrochemical industry, and other heavy industries. These are round in shape. These are various types like weld neck flange, blind flange, slip-on flange, threaded flange, RTJ flange, and many more others. We have the following varieties of flanges SS 304 Flanges and SS 316 Flanges.

All of these are heavily used in pipe fittings to make a continuous connection of pipes. These help immensely in maintaining a regular flow of liquid or gas. These are also used in the petrochemical industry and other chemical industries to flow petrochemicals and other chemicals regularly. For domestic purposes, they are used in maintaining a regular flow of water. Without these fittings, the pipes would not get connected for longer distances or bent at some angles. These are utterly important for long pipes or tubes. If the flow pressure has to be increased, fittings are used to join pipes or larger diameters to the pipes of smaller diameters and vice versa. So any industry making use of pipes, always make use of fittings to connect these pipes. So industries used different Flanges for the different type of fitting.

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