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The Zaga concept has newly developed in the dental industry. It says that it is a process to readapt the critically atrophic maxillae, by reducing the risk of maxillary sinus-associated pathology. Furthermore, more comfortable, less bulky, and simple to clean prostheses are achieved.


The Zaga technique has become very famous as it gives comfort and relaxation. This surgery is preferred by many of us. What happens under the Zaga technique is- much focus is given in zygomatic bones rather than the maxilla. This process is far different from those traditional dental treatments and surgeries. This implementation is basically for those patients with inadequate bone in the last upper jaw. This technique is also used to analyze why there are no teeth in the upper jaw of the patients who have heavily broken down teeth or mobile teeth due to diseases like generalized aggressive periodontitis.

Here comes a very interesting topic, that is Zaga philosophy. The purpose of Zaga philosophy is to achieve long-term progress in the practice of critical maxillary atrophy by means of dental prostheses anchored on zygomatic implant processes. It also focuses on reducing complexities in addition to treating the teeth.

To develop in the area of implementation, Straumann group is doing very well by bringing new technologies. The new solution has two designs- the Straumann Zaga implants, Zaga flat, and Zaga round. The ZAGA Straumann Implant is on the way to bringing some more ways of implants that will be helpful for patients. Dr. Aparicio is a great speaker in this regard from whom many information can be gathered.

Zygomatic implants always need proper training otherwise it may cause adverse effects. So, training zygomatic implants is a term that is considered an important part while surgery is going on. The training does not take much time to make for the professionals to be very expert in this field and they need to go for internships also. The practice is given much priority before being ready for final surgery for a professional.

Though Zaga implements is available in our surroundings, but sometimes it becomes difficult and challenging due to unfavorable post-extraction bone structure, very poor quality of existing alveolar bone, and many more which leads to be more medullary and more tenuous than in the upper jaw. Maxillary atrophy, that is why, is a big term in implants of teeth.

When an individual grows the habit of visiting a dentist for a regular or frequent check-up, the surgeon or dentist plans for advanced dental treatment for healthy oral health. Some of us may want to change the physical appearance of teeth. Your dentist may recommend you come under the guidance and care of a team of professionals where you will be treated as soon as you need it. Advanced dental treatment is now very easy to achieve and to take care of your teeth.

For this purpose, the dental clinics network is there that will help a patient to find the best team of experts to maintain their oral health healthy.

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