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Banana is the result of an intensive RQS selective breeding project, with the goal of producing and perfecting a rarely seen variety. The result is a weed with unusual characteristics, likely to appeal to experts, collectors and home growers alike, especially those looking for a unique material.

Banana Runtz Strain is a Kush variety with a genetic origin originating from OG Kush and Chiquita Banana. Experts are talking about some very promising roots that are the basis of the exclusivity of Fat Banana. This is reflected in the potency of its buds, which can reach a THC level of over 25% when cultivated by expert hands. Its potential is extraordinary!


Production and growth traits

Banana produces medium yields of 350-400 g / m² under 600w light, with a flowering period of about 7-8 weeks indoors. It should be noted that Fat Banana is an indica dominant hybrid that could be classified as a “stretched” indica species as it tends to develop a large elongated tail if it is not pruned.

Effect and taste

Banana is the Kush that nobody expected. Its slight initial euphoric high and delicious fruity flavour could make you overindulge in this unique strain. It is very powerful! Sooner or later a strong feeling of physical stone takes over, followed by a relaxing experience like no other. Get ready for the munchies; it will be a trip to the country of flavours that begins and ends on the couch.

Regarding its flavour, Fat Banana gives off sweet nuances with fruity touches. As we have already mentioned, the aroma of its buds is reminiscent of that of its namesake and is a delight for the nose. Runtz offers an electrifying and motivating high, enhanced by delicious sugary flavours. Breeders developed this potent strain to produce high amounts of THC, a delicious terpene profile, and rewarding yields.

To achieve positive traits in Berner Cookies Strain, they crossed two mythical and incredibly potent varieties: Gelato and Zkittlez. They introduced Gelato into the mix to bring their candy, citrus and hop flavours. Not to mention the lucid and creative effect of this Californian variety.

In addition, they decided to add Zkittlez for its equally delicious flavours, high THC levels, and calming body effect. This prestigious indica of Berner Cookies casts a pleasant calm over the mind and sends a wave of warmth to the body.

Its buds are very pretty; they have a dark green core surrounded by purple-pink sugar leaves. They are beautiful and very colourful flowers, but don’t underestimate them. The resin from Big Smokey Farms produce contains a THC level of 27%.

The Connected Cannabis produces rewarding crops both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants grow to a maximum height of 130cm and produce a good 450-500g / m². Plants that grown outdoors peak at a height in excess of 180cm, producing up to 450g per plant. You will be able to harvest Runtz after a relatively short flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

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