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These pipes are the ideal choice for chemical industries and petrochemical industries or any other energy-related applications.
It has a very high corrosion resistance feature which makes it suitable whenever there is high energy machinery used.
Ranging from as low as 200 Rs. They are cost-effective and are easily affordable by anyone.

Carbon steel seamless pipe:
These are also called as CDS pipes. It is very much used in machine parts like bearings, shafts and cylinders with high tensile strength as high as 75000 PSI.
How is it made?
It is a combination of carbon and steel made in the form of a rod and then pushed onto the mandrel, finally giving it the shape of a tube.
It is a highly durable material.
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It is used mainly when oil or gases are used.
  • It covers seamless and welded steel line pipes which include the extra strong threading in it.
  • It has a standard weight plain end model, a regular weight plain end model, an extra-strong plain end model as also a spigot and bell TFL (through the flow line) pipe.
  • Surface finish: anti-rust oil is applied, the black varnish is painted, it is galvanized, it has an external coating for protection.
A335 P11:
The most important elements of P11 are Chromium and molybdenum. One might know them from a periodic table as few of the best components in metal.
Advantages of having chromium:
  • High-temperature strength
  • High oxidation resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Greater yield and hardness
  • Greater resistance towards softening
  • Restraining of gain growth
  • Increases the elastic limit
Advantages of having Molybdenum:
  • Higher temperature creep strength
  • Higher temperature creep resistance
  • Very less susceptible to being embrittled
  • Enhances the resistance of corrosion to a greater value
  • Its trade name is 1¼ chrome
  • The grade is P11 as mentioned
  • A335 or SA335 is the pipe type
  • #K11597 is the USN
  • Its trade name is 2¼ chrome
  • The grade is P22 as mentioned
  • #K21590 is the USN
  • A335 or SA335 is the pipe type
With a combination of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium at times, it is one of the most used. It has high-temperature resistance and all the advantages offered by the A335 P11.

The standard covers a National standard straight (NPM) from ⅛ to 48 inches.
It is used in,
  • Boilers
  • Power plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Gas refineries
  • Ships where the pipes are used to transfer fluids at high temperature and pressure
  • Tensile strength
  • More yield strength
  • Much more elongation
  • Diameter is NPS ¼ to 30
  • 20 through XXH is scheduled
  • 10 through around 160, XH, XXH and STD is scheduled
Chemical composition:
  • Manganese quantity: 0.27 to 0.93
  • Sulphur: less than 0.035
  • Phosphorous: less than 0.035
  • Silicon: greater than 0.10
  • Chromium and copper: less than 0.40
  • Molybdenum: less than 0.15
  • Nickel: less than 0.40
Vanadium: less than 0.08

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