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 When you are faced with the choices of tiles for the home, it is an important moment: you have to choose the material, the shape, the colour and deal with the budget. Here is a guide with lots of tips for choosing tiles without making mistakes.

First of all, to understand how to choose the right Vinyl Flooring Adelaide, it is necessary to understand what characteristics they must have and where you want to use them, whether as a coating on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom or even for the floor.


There are many products on the market that adapt to every need and the characteristics that a good Hybrid flooring must have are:

  • The resistance
  • They must be non-slip

Destination and scale pei

It is a standard that defines the surface abrasion resistance of the glazed tile. With the PEI scale, you can measure the ability of the tile enamel to resist foot traffic, the passage of people, furniture or machinery, without losing the original aesthetic characteristics. Carpet flooring is also offered.

Keeping in mind, however, that in porcelain stoneware, this staircase is exceeded, because most of the time they are not glazed tiles, therefore much more resistant to abrasion.

Form and dimension 

Here are the tricks to choose the perfect shape and size for your tiles according to your environments.

For small rooms it is advisable to choose large tiles, in this way the environment will seem larger, it is also advisable to choose light colours.

To create a stenographic effect in rooms with a square shape, lay the tiles diagonally or with more imaginative solutions such as herringbone or multi-format. Timber flooring is also very suitable.

For rooms with low ceilings, instead, choose narrow and long tiles, laying them lying down, or tiles, for example of size 60×120 cm laid on their feet, creating a very refined low cladding.


There are many types of tiles that differ from each other in many features, and the main one is the material:

Single firing: consists of cooking support and glaze in a single pass in special ovens. It can be considered as the technology that has made hardening products for flooring. Not without flaws to date it is considered for low-cost materials.

Double firing: the laminate flooring is made in two stages, where the first is partially cooked, thus creating what is commonly called biscuit, while at a later time, and this is painted with glaze and passed to the second baking.

Bulk porcelain stoneware: unglazed tile obtained through a process called pressing. It can take on various colours and textures based on the components used in the composition of the dough. The main feature is the very low imbibitions rate (water absorption) 0.04%, which makes it completely non-absorbent.

Glazed porcelain stoneware: glazed tile deriving from a process similar to single firing, but with final characteristics such as stoneware. It can take on various colours based on the textures used in the enamel decorative phase.

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