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What We Are Going To Talk About:

  • An African Kids Support Network refers to characters in your child’s life who can provide him comfort and emotional care.
  • It’s great for children to know that everyone requires to reach for help, and it’s OK to ask when he wants help.
  • Slowly breaking away from helping your child can help her reach out to others for support.

Every kid needs a network of characters they can look for help beyond just their parents and we provide this to Cross Culture African Kids. For kids with knowledge and thinking differences, it’s particularly significant to be able to self-advocate and ask for help. It’s a skill they can start forming as early as grade school—and one they’ll serve from their entire lives.


Here are four ways we help your child build his own support network.

  1. Model how to ask for—and offer—help.

It’s important for your child to know that everyone needs help sometimes, not just him and that it’s fine to reach out for it. We practice this at our African Kids Support Network by asking him for help in small tasks and exhibiting appreciation. And we have observed kids asks to help you and them when they need. We cultivate these values in Traditional African Culture For Kids so they can stay connected to the roots.


  1. Start reversing away from assisting your child.

As kids get more grown they continually face new difficulties. Of course, you crave to help. But it’s significant for your child to start managing some of his difficulties without you. That includes seeing others who can extend comfort and advice and we provide this exact atmosphere so they don’t get stuck on with wrong support. African Child Support Network is the best place for your child to get independent learning and everything with Traditional African Culture For Kids so they can get familiarised with roots and origin.

For instance, Maybe your child abruptly has trouble making buddies when he didn’t before. Or he has someone at school who doesn’t seem to relate with. Rather than diving in to fix it, talk to him and ask his view who is the right person to reach out. Is there anyone she can have word with at school? You can also suggest people like “I bet your African Kids Support Network can help you find ideas to talk to that person at school.”

  1. Get more social.

The more your child stays outside the home, the more chances he’ll have to connect with new people who will be great support because at Try to African Child Support Network we monitor each child’s behavior and make it positive and healthy for everybody.

Main Takeaways

  • Being occupied in activities in the community can open your child to different people who can be positive influences.
  • Letting your child investigate her interests may accommodate her to meet other people and kids who can assist him.
  • Having your child reminisce about the people he already prefers to for help is a nice start.

For more information about parenting and how to help kids around you visit multiculturalkidsnetwork.org now!

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