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Many of the people have never thought that their Android phone would be used as their hiking device. With most of the apps that are available in the market are suitable android apps that can be used for hiking, your Android phone is such a storage house that it can store a lot of valuable information for your hiking, and it will also do the work fortracing the directions through GPS.


The Android GPS is fully capable in receiving the updates of position directly from the satellites of GPS, so it is basically the most useful tool for a person even when they are outside of their mobile network or the range of network is very poor. It is really very common to have less network coverage in some of the great hiking areas, so you should always look for that types of software’s that will be useful to youeven without the coverage of mobile networks, if you will download the maps offline in advance or storing some of the important information on your phone would help you a lot while you are out of network. Android has an awesome feature which is known as electronic compass, it is used for the additional guidance that is needed. Android GPS is fully capable ofreceivingthe updates of locations from the GPS satellites; hence this makes it a much useful tool when you’re out of your mobile’s network.

There are a lot of gps hiking app which are available in the market for tracking the steps that you have taken all around the day. Here are some of the applications that will help you to make a track out of all the work that you have done throughout the day:

  1. App trekking free – it is one of the most popular apps that are available in the app store right now not because of the feature that it packs on but because it is available free in the app store. This application is very simple to use and can be used by anyone. Since you can see that this application is free of cost, most of the people make use of this application to track all the steps that they have taken throughout the day.
  2. Track My Hike – it is the most trusted application which is available in the store as it gives you all the accessibility of tracking your hike and telling you all the ways by where you came from. for an example if you are on a holiday trip and you want to go on trekking, so you just have to open this app and boom you will get started, You can track all the particular directions from where you came from so that, you don’t forget the way where you came from.
  3. Outdoor app – it is also a good app just like the two apps mentioned above, its main work is to track all the steps that are taken by you throughout the day.

So in the end I would just like to say that you should download the best hiking gps app for android to help yourself out from any circumstances where you feel lost.

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