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Metal fabrication is a term which is used for describing the process in which it includescutting, bending and assembling the metal structures that will come fromthe various types of metal parts andits pieces. The process in which cutting of the metal is involved during the fabrication is usually done by cutting it or shearing it, laser cutting or by punching. Then we come to the next process which is bending and it is done through the press brakes that are easily available in the market. Press brakes use the various types of dies so that it can be able to achieve all the various types of bends which are mainly required for the project. Both the work which is related to cutting and bending of the metal during the process of fabrication are one of the first steps that are required for it. Once you can see that each of the pieces of metal are being cut down and bent to shape in their appropriate shapes and sizes, and then lastly they are assembled together from doing welding.


Stamping is alsoone of the other processes that are involved in doing the metal fabrication, which is basically used for thebigger quantities of the matching part. The first step which is involved in it is to create a stamp, or maybe a mold which will be used wisely in a machine which is used to do stamping so that it can stamp the particular parts out of the piece of a metal sheet. This type of process is also used for making bigger quantity of theidentical part. It is very expensive if you have to build a mold, but once you have obtained the mold, many of the parts can quickly be made thus it will decrease the cost that would incur for a part. Stamping is often used for the followingitems:

  1. Vents
  2. Panels


While you will be able to see that there are various types of metals that are used for doing the process of metal fabrication Singapore, steel is by far the best and one of the common things that are found. Steel is basically an alloy which is made up primarily by the iron with theamount of carbon varyingly addedaround; generally it is around 0.2 percent to 2.1 percent. You will be able to see that carbon is a common alloying element because of its cost which is the lowest andadding up the attractive traits that comes with the metal like the strength totally increased and the flexibilityand also the hardness which dependson the carbon which is added in it.

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