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Getting toddlers into healthy habits is not very easy. They are forgetful, and it takes time to create routines with them. Nonetheless, kids’ dental hygiene habits are very critical in preventing tooth decay.

If you are looking to get your kids into healthy teeth cleaning habits, here are tips that can help you achieve that.

  1. Take the lead and be an example

Kids learn much through imitating your habits. To have your kid take up teeth cleaning habits, lead by example. Ensure that you show them yourself how to brush and floss your teeth and take them to the dentist who will also be able to show them proper technique. This will create motivate the kid to maintain good teeth cleaning habits.

  1. Make the teeth cleaning routines fun for the kid

Making ‘brushing your teeth’ an event can make this a fun activity for you and your kid to do. You can enjoy a dance to a kid’s song with your kid while brushing and flossing your teeth together. This better motivates the kids to take up the habits while you are supervising them.

  1. Start early

Teeth brushing for kids should start immediately after their first tooth emerges. Before then, the gum of a toddler should also be cleaned after every meal. A damp clean cloth or baby feeder can be used to clean the gums. A small smear of toothpaste can be used for kids below two years.

  1. Offer rewards

Rewards can be very motivating. Offer tips for every successful week of proper teeth cleaning and flossing. This way, you can motivate the kids to brush their teeth on their own and floss their teeth even in your absence.

  1. Choose oral products for kids 

There are oral products specifically designed to motivate the kids into brushing and flossing their mouths. For example, the singing toothbrush. Studies have shown that kids brush longer with singing toothbrushes than the normal ones. Choosing such products can help motivate the kids and have them into the habits of cleaning their teeth.

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