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Besides the academic benefits of increasing a student’s knowledge and exploring the new skills at an early age, quizzes are helping to redefine the education system. Today, the quizzes are an interactive platforms where the students are not participating to take a prize home or to get famous overnight, but they are doing it to gain knowledge, seek for the opportunities to excel themselves beyond academics and secure their future.

Quizzes are helpful in all the subjects let’s talk about Year 6 Maths Quiz in which student will learn about Algebra, Shapes and Numbers which are helpful for their future and learning with the help of quiz is very easy and helpful. As if any questions you answer is incorrect, then it will immediately show you up that where your knowledge is lacking. In the case of students, quizzes will identify the gaps in knowledge and highlight any areas which need more revision. Quizzes help to present the information from a different perspective and they Look at the things from a various angle which often helps the students to understand it in a better way.


Tests in the school can be an anxious experience for the children. They often worry about how well they will do, or how their results will compare to those of their friends or what the teacher will say or think of them and mostly they are worry about English and Maths. So Year 7 English Quiz and Year 7 Maths Quiz will make it easy by playing it at home and it is much less stressful and it provides a means to test ourselves. This also helps to enhance the knowledge of the children at home itself.

As we all know growing age of a child make a lot of difference which mainly impact on their studies. Students of grade 8 and 9 started distracting very easily so playing quizzes will also help them a lot for example if there is Year 8 Maths Quiz and Year 8 English Quiz are going on and if the student will give a right answer then there is an adrenaline rush which provides instant gratification that is why playing quizzes makes a children feel good and it makes them enthusiastic to play more. So if they play more, they will learn more.

For the higher classes such as grade 9, 10 and 11 quizzes play a vital role for them as they can learn many things through that to score well. As Year 9 Maths Quiz to Year 11 Maths Quiz are bit difficult as there are many formulas are there but still student can achieve more through that as they can keep recalling their answers by practicing it and these quizzes can prepare the children for their exams. Same way for Year 10 English Quiz as it covers all the important stuff and the students can get the key facts about the poetry that they are studying, so the student can go into their exams confident and the quiz will also help them in writing styles and linguistic techniques.

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