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In case you’re understanding this, you’re likely snared on coursing through the woodland on two wheels. We can affirm: mountain biking is wonderful. Purchasing a mountain bikes – particularly if it’s your initial one – is a serious deal, and MEC MTB Specialists can assist you with making sense of what bikes are a decent counterpart for you.

The stack of costs, models, Best MTB Reviews, and sorts of trailblazing bikes available makes the methodology much equivalent to buying a vehicle.


To begin, here are a couple of things to consider when you’re mountain bikes shopping:

What kind of riding are you doing?Bikes are intended for various styles of riding – we separate it for you beneath.

  • Instructions to locate the correct size: A solid match has a major effect.
  • Getting suspension and wheel measures: Some advantages and disadvantages to think about.
  • Basic bicycle gear: A couple of fundamentals to get and work into your bicycle spending plan.

Caring for your bicycle: Bike support tips

One note as you’re bicycle shopping: You’ll regularly observe a similar bicycle with various costs. What’s the arrangement? It’s for the most part about various segments for each form (like forks, stuns, brakes, drivetrain). A more costly bicycle = better quality segments.


Bicycles for various kinds of riding

The present mountain bikes are intended for specific styles of riding, so the initial step is to consider the sort of riding you intend to do more often than not.

Attempting to make sense of which mountain bikes is directly for you? Here’s the way to move toward the inquiry:

  • Bicycle style: Different riding styles require distinctive bicycle styles, so your first thought is the place and how you intend to ride.
  • Key highlights: The big deal are suspension, wheel size, outline materials, equipping, and brakes.
  • Fit: Last, however not least, be certain your bicycle fits you well. This is best-done face to face at a bicycle shop like REI.


Sorts of Mountain Bikes

  1. Trail Bikes

Trail Mountain Bike This is seemingly the most well-known mountain biking style in light of the fact that the class isn’t grounded in a particular sort of dashing. In case you’re keen on meeting up with companions at the neighborhood trailhead and riding a blend of climbs and plummets, at that point, this is the style for you.

  1. Cross-country Bikes

Cross-country mountain bike this style of riding regularly suggests riding quick, with an accentuation on ascending ability. Separations change from only a couple of miles to 25 or more, and bicycles will in general spotlight on effectiveness and low weight.

  1. Cross-country riding

Suspension: Hardtails are normal, however, there are likewise full-suspension models. Front travel can extend from 100–140mm; back movement ranges from 115–130mm.

  • Wheel sizes: Usually 29ers for a lot of rollovers, yet there are some 27.5in. Models (there aren’t any cutting edge CX bicycles with 26in. wheels).
  • Geometry: With moving as a primary concern, they’re structured with more extreme head points (67.5–70° head tube edge).

Various people protest about the over the top cost of cycling these days, and with Best Mountain Bikes under $1000 and anything is possible from that point, they have a point.

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