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Normally, a person that chooses to go after advanced dental treatment is suffering from poor dental health concerns like cavities or missing teeth. In some cases, because of prolonged durations of edentulism, recovery of the incredibly Maxillary atrophy is compromised, as the alveolar bone quantity is frequently poor.


The moment individuals hear their dentist or surgical professionals state ‘bone grafts’, usually you see the back of individuals as they quickly head for the door. Most of the times individuals are never really informed on why bone grafts are required. Not every implant positioning needs bone grafting, yet a fair number of them do. Patients must understand that bone provides the foundation for the support of the implant in case of the lost jawbone or dental diseases. The bone, depending on the type of repair preferred, should have appropriate elevation, size, and placement for the implant placement. But with the advancement in dentistry & ZAGA technique, patients can now have dental implants without going through multiple surgeries or bone graft procedures.

If you have experienced gum diseases for many years, you may have left it far too late to get reversal treatment. When your periodontal pains or bleeds while you brush your teeth, this is the very first indicator of gum disease as well as at this phase, the illness can be turned around.

Nevertheless, most of the people will certainly neglect the bleeding because they dread seeing the dentist. If you do this, the gum diseases will spread out and you will certainly see that your teeth will certainly become loosened. When the teeth begin to relocate, this implies that the area bordering the teeth is contaminated and you now need a ZAGA Straumann implant to save the teeth.

The only therapy offered to you now will certainly require the teeth to be replaced with Zygoma Implants, if your jawbone is diseased. Immediate implant placement not only lowers the variety of surgical treatments or bone graft required but decreases the therapy time & treatment costs. The function of the ZAGA philosophy is to offer professional results & prompt dental implant placement without utilizing graft procedure. With the correct client option, prompt dental implant placement without bone grafting has anticipated survival rates and professional success.

If you were to obtain bridges of partial dentures as an alternative to a dental implant, then they will damage the surrounding teeth. You will eventually have to get them changed every 5 years & even before.

Zygoma Implants have a tendency to be more powerful and more resilient than the other two restorative choices. To enhance the efficacy of the other two techniques, Zygomatic Implants may be utilized as a combination with the two. One post can sustain a crown to replace a missing tooth. But, a bridge can likewise be sustained by it to offset multiple teeth. As well as, it can be utilized combined with dentures to improve their stability as well as reduce the irritability of gum tissues.

With Zygoma Implants, there is no damage to gum & teeth bone since they are not attached to the sojourning teeth. For that reason, Zygomatic implants will certainly help avoid damage to your natural teeth, and as long as you enhance your dental hygiene, you could not have to have any more teeth changed.

For more information on Zygomatic Implants and ZAGA techniques, reach out to ZAGA Centers. We are a network of seasoned dental professionals delivering comprehensive and focused dental therapies.


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