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Most of the cheap living room wooden sofa tables and chairs on the market in the apartment decoration market now often have quite comfortable postures, with designs including L-shaped sofas in combination with chairs and chairs. The menu is arranged around the tea table, almost the oak table and chairs create an extremely compact area, with such an arrangement that is the ideal place to discuss.

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A special feature of the elegant wooden sofa model is at the extremely standard size of feng shui, with the combination of the benches, single chairs and pedestal chairs arranged around the tea table extremely neatly, owning Such layout, high-grade wooden sofa form creates an extremely wonderful space for discussion.

The wooden sofa for the apartment has an L-shaped look that brings the modern, high-class living room to the family. Corner sofa is often placed to work close to the corner of the wall will save space, the area should pay attention in the transport and rest. The seat is cushioned, the pillow is hugged with bright, bright colors, the apartment will change extremely young and beautiful, full of life and energy.

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bearing a large number of experienced architects with a lot of experience in Lac Gia’s house always proud of being the destination of choosing the best news of the full family, and still waiting for it, it does not seem to immediately address us. In order to have a lot of tables and chairs, a TV shelf with a dressing table creates the best light for your family

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