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Reality: Router (* 1) at the restaurant is allocated network range. Due to the large space, the restaurant installs additional Wifi transmitters (* 2) directly into the Router. However, these pre-configured transmitters will have a different IP range than the Router’s IP range (Example: When the mobile device connects to the Wifi transmitter, the internal server of the restaurant cannot be found.
Resolution: Turn off DHCP (* 3) on Wifi transmitters so that these transmitters do not automatically allocate IP addresses (* 4) automatically. Then the IP range on the Wifi transmitters will be the same IP range as the Router.
Depending on the provider of the network transmitter, turning off DHCP on Wifi transmitters will be different. The following example executes on the DLink Wifi transmitter
1. Plug the cashier’s network cable with the Wifi transmitter. Or use a mobile device to connect the Wifi network to the transmitter.
2. Open the browser and access the IP address of the Wifi transmitter. Normally it could be, Or after changing it again it might be, …
3. Enter Username and Password. Default User name is admin, Password is admin or 1234 or 1111. (Login information depends on each vendor)

(* 1) Router: is a router that understands simply Internet sharing device to other devices in the restaurant. When the Router receives network from Modem via WAN port, Router will generate another IP range with Modem.
(* 2) Wifi Access Point (Access Point): is a device to receive Internet from Router and share Internet to other devices. The noticeable point of Wifi transmitters is that they have antennae or “antennae”.
(* 3) DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration: is a protocol that allows to allocate IP addresses automatically with other related configurations such as Subnet Mask, Default Gateway.
(* 4) IP Address – Internet Protocol Address: is a series of numbers that identifies the device to be able to send data to other machines.
(* 5) WAN Port: Used to receive an IP address from the Router then allocate an IP address different from the Router’s IP range. Usually this port has a different color than the other ports.

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