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For hospitalists who can’t get their training on location, Harvard Medical School offers a Hospital Medicine CME self study program. It comes in a variety of formats, such as perfect for hospitalists who are short on time. The role of the specialty hospitalist is also gaining momentum. Recently, The Hospitalist reported the addition of the first otolaryngology hospitalist to the faculty of the University of California at San Francisco’s staff.

These hyphenated hospitalists, as Robert Wachter, ironman sports medicine conference them, are springing up around the country. Many hospitals, particularly those with dedicated stroke centers, are adding neurohospitalists to their staff to handle complex cases quickly. These hospitalists started out as a solution to overcrowded emergency departments. But the concept stuck, and many hospitals are adding this position as a part of their staff.

These specialists can be called upon for a number of cases spanning from adverse drug reactions to stem cell transplant complications. As inpatient cases become more complex, hospitals around the country are likely to add more hyphenated hospitalists in the near future.

The biggest beneficiaries of this growing specialty may be orthopedic cme conference kona patients. Indeed, recent studies show increased patient satisfaction in hospitals that have embraced hospital medicine programs. Advocates of these programs say hospitalists improve care delivery in several ways. Because Hospitalists are typically in the hospital a day, they can be more responsive to patients and their families ensuring that they receive the best information and care during an inpatient stay.

Hospitalists are intimately familiar with the hospital they know each department and have relationships with nurses and specialists, so they can closely monitor and manage all aspects of patient care, helping speed recovery. Hospitalists actively communicate with a patient’s primary care physician outside of the hospital, providing continuity of care and follow up even after discharge.

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