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Halloween is fast approaching, and one of the common challenges that a woman might face when choosing a costume is to find one with the right balance of “scary” and “sexy.” So what kind of costume can you put together than incorporates both some sugar and some spice? What can you do that has a touch of sweetness and danger? Well, why don’t you try a Dark Angel costume.

Just as you might consider yourself a rebel in real life, you can embody a celestial rebel by choosing to dress up as a fallen angel. Here are a few tips on how to pull off this look:

The main focal point of the dark angel costume is of course going to be the wings, so you’re going to want to build everything around that as best you can. You don’t want to make an awesome costume only to find that you’re having trouble getting matching wings, so make that a priority for you.

As far as acquiring the wings, you can buy some pre-made ones or construct a pair on your own, but just make sure that they reflect your status as a creature of the darkness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need jet black wings, but don’t go with fluffy white ones unless there’s some sort of stylistic irony that you’re trying to go with. Some charcoal-colored or grey wings would probably work quite well.

You’ll also have to decide if you want to go with feathered wings like a cherub or something more like butterfly wings (though be aware that this is entering fairy territory, and you’re trying to be an angel).

Technically, angels are probably supposed to be naked, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get away with this in public. Instead, you’re going to want to find some clothes that goes well with your wings. Maybe try something modern and sexy, so that you can keep with the theme of that danger / attraction duality. Perhaps a jet black dress, or perhaps even something fire red.

If after this, you still feel like you want a more authentic “naked angel” look, you might be able to find a nude-colored bodysuit that can give that impression. Some brave folks even use body paint in lieu of clothes. For shoes, try something that will show your toes, like a pair of sandals in the style of the ancient Greeks.

To pull your look together, get some makeup and give your face a new look. What kind of style depends on the kind of dark angel that you’re trying to depict. If your dark angel is mostly sexy and dangerous, try some ruby red lipstick and plenty of blush as a main feature. On the other hand, if your dark angel is more quiet and brooding, a pale foundation with muted colors on top is in order. Halloween doesn’t have to be complicated.

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