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In India and other countries where the frequency is 50 Hz, we have two types of power Supplies i.e. 220 / 230V for single phase and 380 / 400 V for three phase.

In a three phase, 4 Wire connection, it is divided into 3 lines each of 220 / 230 V. Generally most of the electrical equipments and electrical appliances in India and other countries require Voltages between the range of 220 V to 240 V for smooth Operations.

If there is any voltage fluctuations and the voltage is Higher or Lower than this range of 220 – 240 V, Then it needs to be regulated and corrected.

Voltage Fluctuations or Unregulated Supply is a huge problem that most of the Asian and African countries faces almost on a regular basis. The average voltage at many parts of India like Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, J&K etc could be as low as 90 – 100 V. NoN uniformity in incoming voltages causes changes in voltage waveforms and distorted AC signal.

In industrial Areas, A lot of Heavy Machineries are used like welding machinery systems, Furnaces etc which can cause voltages to drop suddenly or rise suddenly. So industrial places do have frequent voltage fluctuations. One common scenario of this problem is flickering and fluctuation of lamps. However by using Purevolt’s Servo Voltage Stabilizer on Mains Input Line, We can avoid these issues and provide regulated output supply.

Nowadays we have the Servo Motor driven technology at our doorstep. Servo controlled voltage stabilizers plays an important part in industrial and commercial establishments and these Voltage Stabilizers protects immediate load variations to critical mechanical components. Adding Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufactured by Purevolt, will be a boon for these establishments as it will lead to reduction in maintenance cost and lower machines failures. Put in Simple Words, its internal structure is simple combination of Mechanical and Electrical Parts. The inbuilt Buck and Boost transformer corrects voltage fluctuations instantly controlled by the Servo motor. An error amplifier amplifies the difference between a reference signal and the input signal and the carbon brush adjusts voltage supply.

Summers are generally quite Hot in India, Africa and Middle East regions and the usage of Air Conditioners during Peak Office Hours lead to added burden on Electrical line and voltage drops in residential and commercial areas. In addition, running other loads like a water motor, electric iron, OTG puts extra burden on power lines leading to further drops. It’s advisable to use Purevolt’s Servo Voltage Stabilizer and Voltage Controllers at the incoming mains supply for these establishments in order to get regulated supply within the regulation of + – 1 %.

These Servo Voltage Stabilizer are made in two different varieties namely Air Cooled or Dry Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer and Oil Type or Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers. In dry type Servo stabilizers , Cooling is naturally done by ventilation through louvers in enclosure or by small exhaust fans , While in Oil Cooled models, We add new Mineral Insulating Oil for cooling purpose. The Main purpose is to maintain the temperature rise of Transformers and Variacs so they perform for longer durations without any failures.

In most of the cases these Servo Voltage Stabilizers by Purevolt are customized as per customer requirements and needs. Purevolt Specialized in custom tailored products in order to achieve 100 % problem solutions and fulfilling the needs to customer and providing them peace of mind.

We can be contacted on info@purevolt.in or you can visit our website www.purevoltindia.com or www.servostabilizerindia.in.

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