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For the past two Octobers, I’ve given our program members a completely done-for-you Christmas marketing campaign.

It has one aim; to get them leads before Christmas arrives.

I’ve been convinced to share it more widely, with you.

The reason for sharing stems from a conversation I had with Rose, our amazing Digital Marketing Manager, last week.

Me: Hey Rose. Y’know that research task I asked you to do? The one about looking into what our market need right now?

Rose: Of course, Stu. I remember everything that you ask me to do.

Me: Cool. Did you do it?

Rose: Of course, Stu. (Really?)

Me: Awesome Rose. Can I have it?

Rose: You already do, Stu. I sent it to you. It’s been in your inbox for a week.

Note to reader: I’m not a fan of email. It’s the worst of technology, never intended to be used as it is and superseded, but still lingering.

Me: Ummm. Ok. Sorry. Can you give me the two minute version?

Rose: I can give you the 15 second version, Stu. It’s leads. The market research says they need leads. Lots of awesome leads. Before Xmas. Right now, if possible.

Me: Wow. Oh. Ok. That’s clear. We can help with that. With that module… um…the one about leads and Christmas. What’s it called?

Rose: Prospects Before Christmas?

Stu: Yes! That’s it. We could share that perhaps?

Rose: Absolutely Stu. I actually started work on it last week…

You get the drift.

So, here’s the deal.

At the end of this link, is a downloadable “pack”. It contains details of how this campaign works and how to get your own version of the ready-to-customise ebook template, emails to send and the whole shebang.

It even unpacks the nuts and bolts of how we put it together so, if you want to, you could replicate it a later date for something else equally suitable.

This is, without doubt, the most access we’ve given to a program module to anyone not on the program.

Having said that, I know there are two ways most who download it will act.

  1. A majority will download it, may skim read, most definitely put it into a “Later” folder and never do diddly squat with it. They’ll have good reasons why, justifiable reasons, but they won’t get the leads they want (and the knock on effect that comes from being able to control your leadflow instead of having to rely on others), which means I’ll have failed.
  1. There will be some of you who grab this, say to themselves, “Holy Santa Claus! This is a no-brainer” and you’ll simply make it happen. If this is you, I want you to know personally, that you are the kind of advice firm who is starting down a path to a very special transformation. When you start seeing the results, share it with me (like these guys below did).

Did you catch the bit where they asked how much it would cost to co-brand this?

I won’t labour the point. You get it.

I could write more, but frankly all you need is in that downloadable content piece.

This is, without doubt, the most practical, actionable thing we’ve ever put out there for free.

I’d love to have the results show me it was something well worth sharing.

Download The Prospects Before Christmas here!

You might as well want to deliver value to all the prospects who are willing to engage. The challenge is this value can’t be about getting a financial plan.

So, how about I just give you a template ready to rock?

To get the template leave a comment below telling us whether you use Powerpoint or Keynote.

And you’ll instantly receive “The Value Bomb”.

When you get the template, your job is to customise it to suit your brand, language and general flavour. If you just publish it as is, well, it won’t be you.

If other advice professionals ask where you got it, let them know about us. Too many people in this world take credit for other people’s work. Attribution is not just good practice, it’s also the right thing to do.

And lastly, when you get a win, please share it. Discover more here: http://www.audere.com.au/prospect-before-christmas/.

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Stewart Bell is an Australian-based Business Coach and Founder of Audere Coaching & Consulting, a specialist coaching firm working exclusively with advice firms to help them build business models that scale. In addition to working with firms through his Leveraged Advice Firm program, he’s also the author of Finnovation: The Complete Advisers Guide to Innovating Your Advice Model and 100 Ways To Run Your Business Better. He shares a lot of what he and program members are doing in trying to build the next generation of advisory business models via his website audere.com.au and YouTube channel art https://goo.gl/8tYfZt

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