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Installing your own kitchen cabinets may not seem like a complicated process, after all, seems like you could just mark where they go, pound some nails, and then watch your new kitchen magically appear. But while the cabinet selection and purchase process can be a lot of fun, the installation process is another matter. Here are some tips that can help you get through the process as painlessly as possible.

You can’t build a quality product without a quality base. Cabinet Top Line Cabinet Pros is no different. If the first section you put in is not perfect, none of the subsequent pieces will be either. It has to be level, plumb and straight. Each future piece will then line up to the first one. If you are off by just a small amount, this mistake will grow with each section you add.

Plan, plan, plan. Measure the cabinets and the spot where they will be installed very precisely. Have a pencil handy, and don’t be afraid to draw directly on the wall you are installing along. Mark the exact location of each cabinet. Mark the location of the wall studs. Draw level lines where the top of the cabinets will lie. Before you secure anything, hold the cabinet up to where you have already drawn your lines. Make sure it fits exactly. If it does not…take out your pencil and tape measure and draw the lines again.

Once you are sure everything fits, and it lines up perfectly, attach the cabinet to the wall. This may require you to install hanging strips on the wall first, or the cabinet may have them incorporated into their design. Either way, make sure that every screw is driven directly into a wall stud. Even if a fastener feels stable in a piece of wallboard, over time, this fastener will move and will lose its grip. This could cause significant damage to the wall, your cabinets, and anything that you have stored in them.

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