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Hammocks bring back a lot of good memories for me. I’ve always enjoyed sleeping in them, and what’s really interesting is how many of those particular memories are still just absolutely vivid, of good times..and a couple of comical ones too. They include family camp-outs as a kid, sleeping in one on my grandparents back porch by the river in Cocoa Beach, music festivals, various camp-outs and at times just laying in one in the backyard after cutting the grass, resting and looking up at the sky.

One of my earliest camping memories is of a trip with our neighbors. We went to a campground on Merritt Island on many occasions. I was in grade school, and remember swinging in a canvas hammock that was always tied between a couple of trees. It seemed huge at the time and it’s almost like I can still feel and smell the canvas when I think about those times. We would swim and fish all day and at night us kids would run around playing and catching fireflies.

My grandparents lived south of Wooden Porch Swing Guys with their house less than 20 yards from the river. They had a hammock on the back porch when I was a kid. I can still remember one night, having a dinner of roast pork, watching M.A.S.H. and Star Trek with my grandfather, and then going out onto the back porch to read in the hammock while they watched the election results. I fell asleep in the hammock that night with the smell of the salt air, the sound and feel of the breeze coming off the river and feeling as peaceful as I ever had in my life.

The island had two mountains on it, that were almost entirely covered by jungle. There was a block house, with no windows. It had running water, but no electricity. There were coconut palms everywhere, with some that leaned almost straight out over the water, so obviously coconuts were part of the menu. And there were two canvas hammocks.

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