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People jump into their memoir writing projects without giving the function of project manager much consideration. A manager is someone who gives thought to the execution of the project: organization and timetable and the use of materials.

Succeeding in writing a book of memoirs in an expeditious and meaningful fashion is important. If you dwell in your manager function for even a short while before you jump into your worker mode and write, write, write, you may be very pleased at how more smoothly and quickly you create.

I am not talking about outlining a story here. No, I am talking about setting Licensed Contractor Guys that don’t interfere with commitments, with clearing unnecessary commitments so that they don’t nag at you, getting cooperation from other people in your household and making sure you have the research capacity to pull off writing your memoir.

Of course, these functions can be performed by the same person but that heightens the risk that a person won’t do the functions s/he finds least interesting. For creative types, that is the manager function. Another person tends to see the situation with more clarity.

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