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Predator control is one of the top chicken hazards you must address because they can lead to lard numbers of chicken deaths. Predators like dogs, cats, raptors, raccoons, possums and foxes just to name a few, can decimate your flock in no time flat. The areas that you keep your hens in must be securely fenced and predator proof. If your hens don’t free range, you need to do daily checks on the fencing to make sure that nothing has dug under or has chewed through the fencing or the hen house.

Gates that are not properly secured are common chicken Chain Link Fence Gate Guys Check out your gates and make sure that they all close securely. Many gates are loose at the bottom and it is possible for a predator to squeeze through and get to your flock. Gates can also be dug under so you may want to bury some wire or some rocks in these areas to help keep your hens secure.

If you have a free range flock, you are going to have some chicken deaths no matter what you do. One of the best things you can do is to fence your free range hen area with a small mesh fence or chain link fencing. This will help keep some of the predators out.

Make sure that hazards like water buckets and ponds are not in your bird area. I recently had a rooster drown in a water trough that I had put out for my horses. The poor guy must have perched on the edge of the trough and fallen in. Unfortunately, hens and roosters can’t swim. Common chicken hazards can really take a toll on your flock and most are easily prevented.

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