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If you thought that luxury kitchen cabinets are only the privilege of the rich and elite, then you are wrong. You too can have a cost effective solution for a designer kitchen complete with luxury kitchen cabinets.

Luxury kitchen cabinets do not necessarily mean the Elite Cabinet Solutions that adorn the house of celebrities. It can mean quality functioning cabinets that have the necessary amount of aesthetic appeal. It should be in sync with the rest of the kitchen design and also with the décor of the home.

It is a pity to see how such an extraordinarily competent Swami becomes a tool in the hands of the lady who as the Trinamool chieftain had sent flowers of gratitude to congratulate the re-elected Narendra Modi of Gujarat and as a railways minister has coolly wash her hand after blaming on people’s lack of discipline when they get killed in a stampede at the New Delhi railway station.

The arrogant and obstructionist Patkar’s sweeping opposition to big dams and every development projects has been harshly criticized by many of her detractors. Among them are her former associates who have argued that Patkar is really not interested on reaching to a solution.

Folks who foresee the birth of a new era in Bengal through the prism of the Trinamool chieftain, bleeding-heart defenders who bake their revolutionary reveries through the prism of a possible Maoist revolution have emerged with their all-out tantrums to justify the apolitical character of the now infamous rally and shield the charges against the Trinamool chieftain for providing oxygen to the Maoists.

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