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Kitchen cabinets are among the most important features of the heart of your home, both in aesthetics and functionality. Visually dominant, they have considerable impact on the tone that you want the entire area to emanate with. The building blocks, they keep everything as orderly as possible to make everyday simply clutter-free, productive and efficient. So when remodeling, one of the biggest decisions that any homeowner would have to face is whether to replace or reface kitchen cabinets would be most ideal. And this article discusses the pros and cons of kitchen cabinets replacement vs refacing.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets replacement vs refacing, there are lots of considerations to take. Because no two kitchens are exactly the same, so are the requirements to make a success out of your remodeling. This means that what is ideal for me might not work out as well with you.

In the past decades, it can be said that refinishing is the more Designer Kitchen Cabinet Pros choice but today this has become the thing of the past. One of the most popular modern options that can afford you both the quality and appeal without much the cost is RTA kitchen cabinets. But even with all its benefits, this choice would still not be ideal for everyone so do your homework first and analyze well if what any option offers would best fit your needs and your kitchen’s requirements.

If the layout does not workout for the needs of the family, this functionality issue will never be efficiently addressed by refacing. Here is where kitchen cabinets replacement comes in. Other than poor layout, other situations that make total replacement a better option are existing cabinet frames that are in bad condition as well as more serious structural problems. Replacing cabinet units would also be a great way to unleash the creativity in you when it comes to interior design.

Refacing kitchen cabinets would be the less intrusive and simpler way that you can go about changing the look of your kitchen. With this remodeling option, the basic refacing project entails the installation of new or refinished doors as well as drawer fronts. With cabinet units built around reface would be ideal as most are solidly constructed. So when most of the foundation is in pretty good condition, there’s no sense in demolishing everything and starting from scratch again.

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