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That couple, Duff Voigt and Kayla Sliman, had already been waiting for their kitchen cabinets for months when they finally arrived. They thought the cabinents’ delivery would put an end to the kitchen remodel delays. After all, they had already twiddled their thumbs for six weeks in anticipation of the backup set of kitchen cabinets they’d ordered from a local company.

Next time, that couple might want to turn to a Unfinished Cabinets Guys of the kitchen cabinet industry instead of trusting a local cabinetry contractor. In particular, they might want to seek out the reputable cabinetry provider that has helped more consumers create the kitchen of their dreams than any other cabinet manufacturer in the world.

By choosing a cabinetry provider that offers the best of both worlds, Voigt and Sliman could have gotten the custom kitchen cabinet look they were craving in built-to-order cabinetry, all without the custom price or lengthy custom lead times. And just imagine the extra months of enjoyment they could have gotten out of their new kitchen as a result of the time saving.

First of all there are not many types of wood available for this type of cabinet. While you can find many colors, it’s really not so easy to match them up with the rest of your room ambient. Also when it comes to the actually installation, you’ll find yourself in a pickle more often than you can count on a hand as it’s quite a tough job to do.

Trying to find the exact wood type and style that you need to fit with the rest of the kitchen is many times difficult, particularly depending on your location. Some places have more choices than others. If you choose to buy them from someplace else, the shipping cost might be really a tough one to digest.

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