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A split AC system is simply the separation of the cooling coil from the compressor. But the function remains the same. These units are designed to cool areas that have been traditionally hard to access with standard duct work or where a window AC is undesirable. This flexibility allows a system to cool, each of the four areas separately and individually giving the user the ability to completely turn off a single room, or to have the room ready for use based upon a certain time of day or night or when the demand needs to be met.

The ease of installation of Split AC Unit Guys and high energy efficiency ratings, along with the ability to cool specific areas of a home or of a commercial building are quickly making these units the top choice for additions, retrofits, or increased load areas. For those hard to cool areas on a retrofit there is nothing better from what I have seen on the market. There are mini split AC units available today, with the ability to have from one to up to four separate inside cooling units with a single outside compressor.

Imagine a home with a room on the east getting hot in the morning and cooling off as the sun rises over the noon hour. Then a separate room on the east getting warmer as the sun crosses its daily path. With separate room controls, as are available with these mini spit AC units, the cooling coil units will take care of each room separately as the day progresses. The economy is just great. And the comfort level is tough to beat.

Another example of an application is in a commercial building. We have all been in a small restaurant where we needed a coat in the summer time and the poor cooks are dying from heat. Not only is this restaurant owner wasting money on AC costs but they are needlessly causing discomfort to their patrons not to mention the cooks. A simple installation of a split AC unit cooling the kitchen area alone could solve this problem. Overall energy conception would decrease markedly.

In short, the thought is to cool the specific areas where there will be human traffic or a need to cool the area such as with a kitchen or of a high electronic component filled room. Make the desired temp a high priority and allow the other areas of the home or commercial building to be less conditioned based upon need and demand.

With the use of these relatively inexpensive split AC units vast improvements are being made to improve living conditions of areas of homes that have been otherwise unusable in the hot summer months. Areas such as remote or added on bedrooms, 3 season rooms, attic renovations, and more. These split AC units make short work when compared to adding on, or in replacing or updating, an expensive and often inefficient traditional HVAC trunk and duck work forced air system.

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