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I have a beef with many of these rooms. There may be a few that would meet my standards of integrity, but I am not going to name them here. That’s not the point of this article, anyway. What’s sad and also telling, I am afraid, is that my standards are not so high. I would call them reasonable, but not high. Such standards should be a commonplace, but they are not.

The trading results have to be tracked and documented. Many trading platforms allow for that. NinjaTrader that many trading room operators use, is one of such platforms. You can also simply take screenshots of all your trades listed by your platform on a given day if your trading platform does not allow to track them over a longer period of time. Still, I believe it is good to show a trading record for each day separately.

There is nothing wrong with simulated trades. They do not invalidate the trading room’s approach just as the actual trades do not guarantee that every member of it will make money even if the room operator manages to do so. There are other circumstances that determine how well you will actually do following the room’s calls and it’s important to keep them in mind. They should also be spelled out for every potential room participant prior to their signing up for it.

Unfortunately, these things are often neglected, but instead a trial may be offered. Any such a trial is very welcome, free or otherwise, but only in addition to the relevant information properly disclosed in the written form. Otherwise, such a trial often ends up being nothing more than a marketing event with the prospective members being worked on by the room operators whose real skills are often in marketing and not in trading.

This is related to the previous point in that shunning the right disclosure by the room owners enables them to portray the room as something it is not, but you will find this out only after a closer scrutiny, wasting the time you would not be wasting if you were dealing with an honest, transparent business. If you run an educational room, you don’t have to claim any profits and you don’t have to be concerned about the track record, but if you insists on claiming them or even insinuating such a possibility, this has to be done in a proper manner, with a proper track record provided, ideally professionally audited too.

Instead of useful, relevant information you are sometimes served information that is totally irrelevant, distractive, and even manipulative, such as, for instance, messages with more or less overt religious undertones. There is room for religion in our lives, but mixing religion with business that has nothing to do with it for the purpose of helping the latter shows poor taste and the lack of respect for religion, or, at the very least, an instrumental, opportunistic way of treating it.

I personally believe that Room AC Guys futures day trading rooms should only be educational. That would mean less expensive than most of them actually are. That would also mean more honest because if you are not concerned about the track record as the measure of your room’s quality then you can afford to be more honest. But there is also another reason for that. I am convinced that the average trader when properly trained can do better on his or her own than by following the calls of some self-proclaimed guru who may or may not be honest about his trading skills.

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