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There is no doubt most of us have changed our attitudes and habits toward real estate. We all had our plans based upon the former real estate economy.

Now that it is history we have to change up a bit. Many of us, who thought Home Building Guys was a stepping stone, will likely be in this home for longer than we anticipated. And some of us will decide to drop some money into this home to make it more livable and hopefully add to its value.

Now, if you are really going to go all out there is nothing that adds value like additional square footage. However, if you live in an area where the cost to build extra room on to the home is greater than the actual value extra square feet don’t do it.

And if you do add on make sure it is an addition that greatly enhances the aesthetic feel of the home. This way you get a double whammy. You get the additional square footage and a property more saleable than the next.

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