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Some home inspectors lower the cost of their services for one of two reasons: they want to break into the business, and are appealing to price only shoppers, or, in a slow economy, they want to beat out their competition with a lower price. If they are offering the identical service as the next guy, then price will most certainly attract clients.

However…in a lot of cases, the level of expertise is what is reflected in the Custom Homes Guys cost. A Certified Home Inspector with experience can generally charge what the market will bear…and get it! In fact, he sets the price. A new inspector, on the other hand, may be book smart, but lacking in actual inspection experience. Most of the time the recent graduate inspector will be more vigilant in his search for defects, in order to prove himself. Seasoned inspectors sometimes take things for granted, so they may not be doing you a favour.

Other costs include additional services, or “upsells” that will be of benefit to the homeowner or buyer. For example…if the house always seems cold in the winter, yet the heating costs remain high, you may want to invest in a thermographic scan and an energy audit. The thermographic scan will identify where the heat goes, so appropriate correction, such as insulating, can be undertaken. An energy audit will also help to identify where your energy losses occur, usually through furnaces, air conditioning and ductwork.

Another area of concern is mold. Testing for mold, and air quality in general, requires additional training and expensive equipment, so the cost of the investigation will be substantially higher if it includes mold inspection. In fact, any services outside the standard home inspection will add to the total price.

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