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In some climates Summer months can be downright unbearable without an air conditioner. Window A/Cs are less expensive than central air cooling systems and they typically use less energy than whole house systems as well. Using multiple cooling units in a home will allow each person in the family to keep their room at the temperature they desire. Installing a cooling unit will take anywhere from ten to forty minutes.

Window Air Conditioner Units Guys come in various sizes and it is important to choose the one that best fits the size of your room and needs of the user. The first thing to consider is to the room’s size. Using an climate control unit calculator or using the Energy Star chart for choosing a properly sized cooling appliance. If you have rooms that flow into one another with archways or open doorways, you’ll need to include the square footage of the adjoining room when calculating the capacity necessary to cool the area.

Outside of square footage it is important to consider the climate of the room you wish to cool with an air conditioner. When the room you are cooling is used by two or more people add six hundred BTUs per person to the rating necessary to cool the room. Before you buy the first air conditioner that fits the BTU rating necessary to cool your room, make sure you have a window that will be suitable for the unit. Measure windows in the room and make sure to buy a window air conditioner that will fit into the opening.

Before you remove your new A/C from its packaging you’ll need to recruit a helper. Air conditioners are very hard to grip because their weight is uneven and dropping the unit from a window could be catastrophic. After you find a friend or family neighbor to help you can begin the installation by installing any mounting brackets that have been provided by the manufacturer. Heavy, older units typically come with mounting brackets that help to support the A/C unit using the window sill and outer wall as balancing points. Next, attach any extenders that come with your air conditioner.

You’re now ready to open the window from the bottom pain and have your helper raise the A/C into position. Rest the A/C on the window sill and slide the extensions out to fill any gaps. Check the instructions provided with your A/C for the what the correct placement is for your specific appliance. Most air conditioning units should tilt outward to drain any condensation that may accumulate on it. Finally you will fasten the brackets and lower the window pain back to the top of your machine. Sometimes it is wise to fasten the upper window pane in place to avoid movement of your A/C. To ensure efficiency, use weatherstripping or calk to seal any gaps between the unit and the window frame.

Once you’ve finished installing your cooling appliance, you’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy your home again. Air conditioning can help you sleep better and enjoy your house more fully in the Summer months. If you would like to cool your entire house, contact an HVAC technician about installing a central cooling unit, but until then the window unit will help your family stay cool.

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