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Vinyl fencing is a great alternative to wooden fencing. It is important to take your time when planning your fence using vinyl. Vinyl fence panels need to be installed correctly to avoid issues after time goes by. There are three types of vinyl fence panels; line posts, which are used for straight pieces, corner posts, which are used for angled pieces, and end posts, which are end pieces or gate pieces.

ince vinyl is made from a strong plastic it will never Vinyl Fence Panel Guys If you end up having vinyl fence panels that are too big, you can cut them down just like you would a wooden panel. They are sturdy and durable. Before heading out to purchase fencing, check on the zoning regulations in your area first. Often cities have zoning regulations regarding the height and placement of fences. You want to make sure that your plans will be in regulation to avoid costly fines.

When you are ready to put the fence up, start with the fence posts. Stake these out first and get them into the ground good and sturdy. Dig a hole down at least 20 inches. The bottom of the hole will need to be wider than the top. This will help prevent the pole from getting pushed out during frost. With vinyl fencing you can pour the concrete in either before or after you put in the post.

It is important to keep weather in mind. If it is too hot when you put your vinyl fencing up this can cause warping in the fence line. Installing your new fence should be done on a mild weather day. It is also important to follow directions clearly, and specifically. Not installing your fence properly can lead to issues with it down the road.

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