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And this got me to thinking about, of course, school assemblies. Kids love this stuff. They love the stars, and astronomy. And aspects of astronomy and earth science are all through the state standards in most states. And yet there is often a disconnect between the innate curiosity of kids in this regard, and the teaching of the subject in school.

Not long ago I was out an a Boy Scout outing with my son’s scout troop and we had with us a young scout from an inner city neighborhood. That light, after all the young guys had turned in, but when the adults were still up chatting around a small fire, this young man got up to see what was going on. It was a clear night and by chance he looked up and was instantly transfixed by the sheer number and brilliance of the stars that were visible that night.

There are various options available in this Portable Solar Generator Guys In some cases the program is a simple rental of equipment where the school must provide a trained operator, usually a teacher who knows how to use the equipment. Sometimes the unit provides a taped narrative which functions automatically once the program begins, like watching a movie. However, the best option is when the company sends a live professional presenter along with the planetarium so the presentation is live, adaptable and thoroughly polished, and can answer questions from students as the program proceeds.

There are also different options in capacity. Inflatable planetariums come in different sizes, and this is important because it affects how many presentations it will take to get all of your students through. Some units are small and will only handle a class at a time. If you wish to include your entire school, try to look for a company with a dome large enough that it will hold 80-100 students at a time. That way you will be able to get an average school of 300-500 through in just one day.

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