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If you want to put in a vegetable garden in the Spring, it’s a good idea to get the area ready to go now. Spring is a great time to plant because of all the rain, but it’s a miserable time to dig a new garden because it’s usually too wet. Here are some tips for an easy garden installation you can do now to be ready to plant in the Spring. You can actually do this technique any time of the year, but it’s best to have a period of time before you plant.

First, mark out where you want your garden to be located. Choose a place that gets direct sunlight for most of the day and is close enough to run a hose to in the growing season. Somewhere you can get a garden cart into and out of easily. Next to a driveway is ideal for offloading garden additives.

Now get some old newspapers. Lay down at least four Planting Grass Seed Guys maybe a few more than that, over the whole area. Make sure no light can get to your grass below the newspaper. To keep it from blowing away, weight it down with mulched up leaves and grass clippings. Make sure the grass clippings don’t have weed killer on them. These should be easy to find but there are other things you can use too. Think of anything that breaks down and feeds the soil. Straw, mulch, hay, even mulched up weeds will work nicely.

Once you have a layer of newspaper and nice organic stuff, you wait. In the Spring the area will be grass free and ready to plant. Just open a slice of your mulch only large enough for your seeds or plants. Once they sprout, start to snug some straw or other mulch material up close to them.

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