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You need the speed and power of power tools to get anything done nowadays. Before you get started on any of those big projects you have lying around, make sure you have the right tools for the job. These are considered the essential tools by power tool experts:

Bandsaws are the old standard power Metal Garage Cabinet Guys and is good for both metal and woodworking. This is the tool that you used in shop class, and it’s one of the most essential power tools. Almost every workshop has a bandsaw as its centerpiece.

Bandsaws come in all shapes and sizes, from floor standing cabinet models to hand-held cordless ones. Which is best for you depends on how big a job you are doing. Most folks working in the home prefer a smaller model that will get small jobs done as well as any bigger model. While we’re talking saws, it never hurts to have a table saw, circular saw and jigsaw to work with too. Don’t get too saw crazy, but make sure you have enough different sizes to choose from.

A good router can mean the difference between an amateur work of garage construction, and one that is professionally done. It is used to cut grooves, hollow out wood, or make decorative touches. There are plunger and fixed routers. Both are used to achieve the same goal, but plunger routers are generally better for jobs where you are cutting in the middle of the wood. Fixed routers are better for edge work. It’s not a bad idea to have both.

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