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While an automated sprinkler system is quite simple to use, there are a couple more general things you should keep in mind that have more to do with grass generally than sprinkler systems in particular. Lawns and plants like to be watered at night, when the sun isn’t beaming down on them. This ensures that the water gets deep to the roots, and doesn’t evaporate before it can get there. In the day, especially mid-afternoon, is the worst time to water your lawn, or your plants.

Once the sun is down it’s another Lawn Sprinkler Pro Guys If you happen to be awake and strolling the neighbourhood, you’ll notice that people have their sprinkler systems activated to go on late at night, even past midnight. This is the reason for that.

One of the other great features of a sprinkler is its ability to water the grass with the right force. It might sound funny, but if the spray is too harsh it can have adverse effects for the lawn and surrounding plants. It needs the right touch. Whoever installs your sprinkler will make sure that this is set up correctly, based on your particular lawn and garden configuration. It may have to do with the shape and dynamics of the landscape, and it may have to do with the kind of plants you’re growing. But the type of spray emitted is an underrated aspect of how to care for your lawn.

Every once in a while, you may look at your lawn and realise that your sprinkler system components needs to be maintained. This happens to all things, it’s not as if it’s a sign of a defective machine. But don’t try and be ambitious and repair it yourself. Maintenance of these systems is best to the person who installed them in the first place (or another professional), and you may end up doing more harm than good. It’s likely a very small job that can be fixed with a phone call, but the main thing is not to be disappointed or discouraged if you find, after a considerable amount of time, that your system needs to get looked at. Maybe it has something to do with the timer, or some other minor thing.

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