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Rare thinking people such as you already know that quality storage shed building plans are the corner stones to professional quality craftsmanship. The major hurdle to overcome in the pursuit of the highest quality storage solutions is the price; the best are seemingly always a king’s ransom. There is however a little known secret to saving lots of money on the highest quality plans available.

Ron, a good friend of mine called me asking for advice on building his own shed. Come to find out Ron had been looking around at all the home improvement stores for some ideas on what style and design he wanted. The problem with that was that they all looked basically the same and wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

As it turns out Ron’s guy, a professional designer told Ron he Kitchen Storage Solution Guys be more than happy to draw up a few options for him to review. All Ron would need to do would be to choose a design he liked, let the guy know which one he wanted and they would draw up his custom set of plans.

I am sure you probably already know that using the phrases, professional designer and custom set of plans in the same conversation indicates big bucks are about to be spent. Regardless of past dealings building a house with Ron, in the designers mind Ron’s inquiry simply meant repeat business. Ron however, being of a much more frugal mind set, Ron had been thinking more along the lines of a free bee.

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