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You are not that young guy who used to never run out of energy any more. But your garden does not care about that and is still there requiring some solicitude. Turning the soil over would be one. It helps mixing the soil nutrients, loosens it and provides the so needed aeration. Important stuff. Here are some tools to ease this task and therefore your life!

That’s basically your own personal gigantic soil turning fork. It is sometimes referred to as U-tool. With its mighty tines you stab the ungrateful mother earth and pull out backwards in order to loosen the dense soil. This provides the aeration, giving your soil the drainage a healthy lawn should have and, of course, the water will go where it’s supposed to(no puddles). Easy peasy.

Real men use hoes. If you’re a woman just skip this Garden Edging Guys Hoes vary so there are plenty of choices here. Purposes of the use also vary and include weed control which comes from tousling the soil surrounding your plants, making nice round seed planting trenches, hilling, slashing unwanted enemy plants and whatnot. No matter which one you choose, make sure it suits you and your hands well, because it can give you awful whelks! I’d recommend using gloves but you wouldn’t be a real man then, would you?

Rakes can do a bunch of stuff. They are the manual version of the harrow. Perfect for levelling out soil, removing grass, slight loosening of the ground. There are also leaf rakes, designed especially to help you with leaf cleaning, which are worship worthy if you have plenty of trees in or around your garden.

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