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A split unit air conditioner has two main components that are housed in different areas. These ac systems are usually employed by commercial entities or in home properties. The name comes from the fact that the hot side and the cold side of the unit are separate. The condensing unit or the hot side of the unit is usually mounted outside, while the cold side of the unit is mounted inside in an air exchange unit, like a furnace. This is employed this way for a couple of reasons.

The condenser can be quite loud on any ac model type. Keeping the condenser out of doors it reduces the noise pollution indoors quite a bit. You can almost not hear the condenser at all from the inside of the building when it is mounted outside. Condensers can get pretty warm when they are running to keep the property cool. Mounting them outside can save on energy costs, because they are not generating any heat indoors that will have to be cooled.

Usually with the large split unit air conditioner that are used to cool commercial properties the condenser unit is mounted on the roof, in some cases there may be many little condenser units that are mounted on the roof, each in charge of cooling a specific area of the building. These units can be very large and very noisy so keeping them outside the building not only frees up space inside the building but also insures that things are kept quiet inside.

These Split Unit AC Guys air conditioners are no different from the typical window models. All the components are the same, except with one type, the window ac all the components are kept in the same spot, with the split unit all the components are split up. Of course the window ac is meant to cool one room at a time, with the split unit model a whole house can be cooled at one time.

The split kind of air conditioner can also be referred to as central air, because the air goes through out a central area of the building that is moved through the house. It is typical to find the split unit air conditioner in a host of applications; most new homes are built with these air conditioners as are most commercial properties.

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