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They exchanged gun fire for a few moments, then the gunman stopped shooting and the employees began to believe he was leaving. Unfortunately, he was just reloading and began shooting again after a few seconds. After emptying another clip through the security window, he stepped away from the building and the employees began to hope it was over again. But this time he entered the building through the front door and fired off another clip through an interior security window.

Finally he seemed to be leaving the scene and was on the way to his truck a sheriff’s deputy showed up. The officer told the gunman to put down his gun, but the man pointed his rifle at him and another gunfight ensued. For almost a minute there was more gunfire, each combatant using the gunman’s truck for cover. Though bleeding and obviously wounded, the gunman apparently wasn’t going to give up. Finally the deputy made the shooter think he was going around the truck one way but actually got the drop on him from the other side, putting several bullets in the man and it was over.

Two employees and the gunman were wounded to varying HD Security Camera System Guys all survived though. Thanks to the security cameras that were installed shortly before the shooting, the police were able piece together exactly what happened and the footage was even shown on the local TV news that evening. The surveillance footage provided enough evidence to help make sure the shooter was convicted and the deputy was cleared of any wrong doing. This is one group of people that completely understand the benefit of their cameras and won’t be without them anytime soon.

The value of security cameras really can’t underestimated, but people often procrastinate and think they can do without them. The reality is you never know when trouble will strike, if you have cameras installed from the outset you will be prepared. Once the cameras are installed you will have quality footage of the bad guys to give to police, and will be able to keep watch on your home or business from anywhere in the world. It will give you peace of mind that you can’t put a price tag on.

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