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Portable room air conditioners are popular because they can easily be moved from one room to another with a fair amount of ease. These units tend to cost more than a window unit. They also will likely use more energy as well. They do work well for people who are looking to cool a different room from time to time.

Check your local heating and cooling supplier for the latest models and prices. It seems that summers are hotter than ever these days. How did our parents survive those hot summer nights in the past? Portable room air conditioners are one of the most popular inventions ever. Recently, these units are coming down in size and in price.

Many people cannot install a window unit themselves and do not want to pay someone to do it every year. If you do not have central air then a portable room air conditioner will do the trick. Sometimes a fan just does not cool you off enough, and your sleep is disrupted due to the heat and or humidity. If this is the case, then it may be time to finally upgrade to an air conditioner.

In addition, most Portable Room Air Conditioner Guys are much better on energy costs these days as well. These units are quite easy to install because you do not need to put them in a window. They are usually around three to four feet tall and one to two feet wide. Also, they will have wheels or casters for easy movement.

Some of the more popular models of portable room air conditioners are Danby, Fedders and Delonghi. One of the downfalls of these units is that the hot air is blown into the room. You overcome this by venting a hose out the window from the portable room air conditioner. You will find that most models will have a fitting that makes this possible.

If you do not have central air, portable room air conditioners make a nice alternative. Obviously, the main feature is that the unit can be moved quite easily from one room to another. These devices are not as efficient as central air units are but not everyone has the resources or ability to have a central unit installed.

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