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I run into all kinds of people in Pennsylvania, from Amish to every other culture. It seems no matter what one’s background is, they all have something in common–they hate Stink Bugs! So what is one to do? Either make the adjustment and live with them, or find a spray, home-remedy, or try to exclude them in some manner.

Now some folks prefer to leave nature alone. But when it comes to Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Guys of these little brown marmorated bugs, even these people leave behind their convictions. I have had people confide in me that these critters are hurting their marriage. I hear things like, “Sir, these guys don’t bother me, but my wife can’t sleep knowing they are in the house.” Now, I never thought of pest control as marriage enrichment, but it does take me back to the biblical principle in Genesis, “Take dominion over everything (including Stink Bugs) that creeps.

I have read many bloggers blasting folks for whining about having a stinking infestation, but I never heard them say, “We got them and we don’t care.”, probably because you just never really get used to them. Just some observations here: First, Stink Bugs make the sound of a small helicopter when they go past your head. If you have ever had it happen, you are right with me here. Secondly, I have customers that can smell them in the house, and if you have never smelled an infestation in your walls (yes, in your walls!), it has the fragrance of a two-month-old bowl of smashed cherries in 90 degree heat. I know that those of you out there who are regretfully chuckling know what I mean.

So I think it is safe to answer the question and say, yes, it is okay to kill Stink Bugs. To tell people that they have to live with them, is beyond my ability to be cruel. I know that everyone wants to be green and not hurt anything, but my experience with this is, when it comes to invaders in the bedroom or kid’s room, it doesn’t matter what it is, especially when it’s by the dozens.

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