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As you can imagine, wind power homes use a lot less electricity from “the grid” or electric company since they’re drawing a majority of their energy needs from a home wind turbine. This of course will lead to a reduced electric bill. In addition to providing electricity for household appliances, these units can be used to mechanically and electrically power water pumps; commonly used on farms for irrigation.

Since a wind turbine system generates its power from an actual generator, there are some basics to understand. A simple rule is the higher the wind speed, the more power a unit will produce. Now as far as the output capacities of a unit, this is going to vary based on the design of the unit. Blade size, the pitch of these blades, gear ratios, etc are all factors that can affect the electrical output with a given wind speed.

As you can see, wind power homes are a healthy alternative the traditional Electric Pump Guys If you’re thinking of delving deeper, there are countless types of home wind turbines available. There are also many companies that provide pre-fabricated kits to build these units, but what is becoming more popular are the DIY (do it yourself) kits/guides. A pre-fabricated kit can end up being a high ticket item, especially if the unit is designed for a large requirement. The DIY kits can also vary in cost, but there are quality guides available less than $100 that take you step by step through the planning, designing and building a unit.

Homeowners worldwide are looking for ways to tap into this technology and claim their stake in the “green/renewable energy” industry. Wind power is really in its infancy, but growing in popularity amongst all nations. Whether the motivation to dive into this technology is to save money, the environment or both, the current energy crisis worldwide is making alternative energy systems like these an attractive option for energy needs.

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