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With the newer developments in cleaning agents, encapsulants will play a vital role in how furniture is cleaned in the future. In order to understand the proper technique for cleaning furniture, the standard wet cleaning process must be understood. This article is for the cleaning technician who wants to explore cleaning furniture with encapsulation or the curious home owner who wants to protect their investment. Please note that this is a general outline of wet cleaning or steam cleaning synthetic furniture. Additional details are required but are beyond the scope of the intentions of this article.

You’ll want to make sure that the fiber can handle your cleaning process and you Air Conditioner Pro Guys determine the soil load of the piece you are about to work on. This first step is the pre-inspection. Heavily soiled fabrics, if not regularly maintained, tend to lose their color. This is usually evident where the person rests their head or around the arms of the sofa or chair. Also, make sure to ask if there is a pet in the house and take a look around the base of the piece to determine any pet damage, especially cat spray. If there is urine it will need to be treated and the homeowner will need to be advised of your charge for this.

The next step, fiber identification, is the part where you really need to be experienced because your fiber type will dictate if your cleaning solution is going to be alkaline or acid based. In many cases the furniture tag will give a description of the material composition. If you can’t find the tag and you’re unsure of the fiber type then a quick burn test will suffice. In this case, a small fiber clipped from underneath the furniture will work. A trained technician will know what he is dealing with based off of the odor from the smoke.

Once you know what the fiber type is then you’ll know what solution to use to clean the furniture. The pH scale plays a very simple rule in the process. Natural fibers should be cleaned on the acid side and synthetic fibers get best results with an alkaline cleaner. The inexperienced technician should just stay with synthetic based fibers if they do not understand

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