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Soundproofing has many aspects that I will discuss briefly in this article. One is the addition of mass to walls and ceilings or even to your floors. By mass I am referring materials such as lead sheeting and mass loaded vinyl. These barrier materials add mass to your walls for example and act as blockers. Generally lead sheeting or MLV do not have any absorption characteristics, they and basically reflective barriers.

The next soundproofing agent we will discuss is a product we call America Mat. America Mat is a closed cell vinyl nitrile foam mat that is used to like the insides of joist or stud cavities. Lining these cavities with America mat will seal the cavities and create a dead air space that if very helpful for soundproofing. America mat can be purchased directly from Soundproofing America by calling their toll free number I’ll be more than happy to answer any and all of you soundproofing questions.

Now the third in our countdown of great Sound Foam Guys agents are sound dampers. Sound Dampers like Green Glue are my favorite soundproofing agents. Sound dampers are generally a liquid product that is applied to that backside of a layer of drywall and then installed over top of the existing drywall in the area you are soundproofing. The Green Glue is a visco elastic damping compound that actually deadens the drywall so it is unable to resonate. This inability of the drywall to resonate or vibrate with the sound will actually stop the sound from passing through the drywall and will cause the sound to dissipate. It actually turns into a low-grade heat energy.

Of all the materials described so far, the Green Glue is by far the easiest to install and most effective soundproofing agent on the market today. The difference between the Green Glue and other soundproofing agents is that Green Glue is more effective at stopping the transmission of low frequency sound. Frequencies of 125 Hz and below are the most difficult to stop because they are a much longer sound wave. The longer sound waves are much more difficult to combat than the higher frequencies which are shorter sound waves.

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