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Let us talk a little about central air conditioning and heating. Different times of the year we have different temperatures. In the summer time the house is going to get hotter than it would in the winter time. This is obvious, so we will need a system to remove heat in the summer and a system to heat up the cold air in the winter. This is where the combined central air conditioning and heating system come into play.

Central air conditioning and heating systems are taking over the old school window units. This is because central air has a vent that is going to every room in the house, office, or building. The air gets sucked in through the air handler then the air reaches the vents in other rooms and such through air ducts. Central air systems also have an advantage over the window unit because it operates much quieter, since the condenser that is the noisiest part of a central air system is located outside. The inside unit called the air handler, is usually located up in an attic, or hidden behind a closet door with a return vent on it.

Another upside that central air and heating has on the window unit that again, Portable Air Conditioner Guys, meaning it is not going to be blocking the view outside at all. And most of all you can switch from heat to air with just the touch of a button. Even though there are separate systems out there like just central air and just central heating but I am not talking about those in this article.

Many people still use the window air conditioners, which will work great just to cool a 500 square foot room, but when it comes to winter time, you aren’t going to be using your window unit, you would probably be using a portable heater. If you have a house with four bedrooms you would need a lot of window air conditioners and portable heaters wont you? But this is getting to be a thing of the past.

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