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Many people choose to work from home these days. The benefits are obvious; you can work the hours you want, great for those juggling parenthood, you can work in your comfy clothes, you don’t have the boss looking over your shoulder and you save money by not paying the huge prices for fuel.

The trouble some of us have is that space is needed. A few years ago Garage Conversion Guys just moved house without much trouble. But with all the mess the banks got us into recently it’s not so easy these days. Many people are choosing to convert their house by adding extensions or doing garage conversions. This makes perfect sense.

When it comes to finding the right builder to do some work on your home, it can be a worry as to who to choose and where to look first. There is the simple option of going through the yellow pages and ringing a few local builders, you could also go online and use a search engine online, but how do you find out if they are charlatans’?

We are all aware of dodgy builders as there are many reality shows of TV which catch them at it. A lot of people say they hate reality shows and this big brother camera watching us society but it has plenty of positives. I think its good we know what’s going on in the world be it dodgy companies or pathetic greedy footballers, too many people go undetected and ruin people’s lives.

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