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In the male bathroom of many bars and nightclubs across the United States, there exists an interesting phenomenon: the bathroom attendant. We often wonder why there is someone hovering over the sink, seemingly in control of access to water and soap. It’s not really logical that we need help turning on the water or pumping the soap dispenser. Some bathroom attendants claim that their presence increases the prevalence of washing hands, and therefore increases hygiene, though this is dubious. Regardless, the man is there and so is his tip basket.

To uncover sources of value, we need to dig deeper than water and soap. What else is this man doing? For one, he should be providing an array of toiletries to help the guys freshen up. Often, these includes gum, hair product and cologne, and sometimes, cigarettes, to cater to the so-called social smokers. In this, we have some added value, if we take advantage. He is footing the bill for these items.

What else does the bathroom attendant provide? Though not employed by Custom Bathrooms Guys has an interest in the bar’s survival, so he is a buffer against egregious debauchery. Beyond that, he can serve as an inspiration to a the poor soul who is down on his luck and provide some lady advice. If anyone knows about casual dating and encounters, it’s the bathroom attendant.

It’s not necessary to tip just for washing your hands. But he does expect a tip if you’re taking something from him or if you’re using a bathroom stall, because it’s a double whammy. It reduces the flow of customers and the possible stench makes for a harsh working environment.

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