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Of course there are times when you do not want people to know you have a security system in place, or specifically where the cameras are located, however sending a clear message that your property or business is under observation by security cameras can be a powerful deterrent. What criminal would risk having themselves video taped? Unfortunately there are a handful of idiots out there who try anyways, but these guys usually eliminate themselves like the one who tried to escape from a bank robbery on a bicycle or the other who ran through a plate glass window when rushing out of a department store carrying a television.

Even if you do not have a real security system in place evil doers will not be able to tell. Most criminals will be unwilling to take the risk that the sign is a bluff. Of course there is the option of adding fake security cameras. Fake security cameras are simply empty camera housings and can further reinforce the message. Some of these are quite detailed and incorporate cable housing and blinking LED lights, and may even respond to motion. This is perfect for homeowners who may not have a high level of day to day security monitoring needs, and just want to deter thieves.

Wherever you decide to put the sign make sure it is clearly Video Surveillance System Guys It will not do much good if the burglars cannot see it. If it is visible from the street it will be even more effective.

It would be nice to think that nothing bad is going to happen or that Batman will jump out of nowhere and round up the bad guys if they do show up, but unless you live in Gotham city you are probably going to have to take care of your own security needs. Start with putting up a sign. It is easy and costs next to nothing.

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